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Final Reflection

This year was introspective for me.

I was forced to think about things I was scared to, while making room for myself. I think the presumption is poets will have this never-empty, never-ending reservoir to soothe or settle those that read our thoughts.

I’m always humbled for it by anyone who reads my work or is inspired by it. Sometimes the wells we pull from for others, are dug by our own hands–watered by own tears!

Yet, we write.

We create.

We serve. Make no mistake: a poet is a servant. Perhaps this is why Baldwin said it is a horrible tragedy when a nation ceases to produce poets.

The poet remembers what everyone else forgets—and gives light when all is lost. On this, perhaps, hangs humanity.


30 Days Of Jaye – Day 25: When She Will Not Care

She will desire peace at the

Cost of war

Being both prisoner and soldier

Believing if she fought harder

Bleed more

And denied her own

Thirst for more

Hunger for justice

and sight for more

Then she will be enough

When her body no longer

Blushes with your coming

Has peace with your going

And all love becomes an act.

The weapons of he warfare

Time, body energy

Have been taken as spoils

And she will do all allowed

To pull herself back together

Your touch no longer soothes.

The heat that was there has


With the turning of

Her head…the love is dead.

she will put self above love—

and nothing else will matter

JBHarris, 11.20.20

30 Days Of Jaye – Day 24: Honey & Vinegar

I want to spit

Remembering every time

I told you that I loved you—

every time

I kissed you

every time

I close my eyes

to remind myself

of what peace

and love look like.

in the middle of hurricane wind

and hellfire knowing that

the desire you had for me

was only contingent

on “how quiet I would be”…

reliance fiercely on what

you knew I would become

because I would become

anything…for you.

because I was you, was a part of you.

because I would’ve was a part of you

I could not be without you

and now that the hurricane is over,

and the winds have gone

and the sun has come.

I want to spit

every time

I think of how deeply

I loved you

—-and meant it

-JBH, 12.8.2020

30 Days Of Jaye – Day 20: Why Is He Free?

Written after the attempted murder/lynching of 16 y/o Ralph Yarl by 84 y/o Andrew Lester in the KCMO area. He shot Ralph bc he knocked on his door to pick up his siblings on 4/16-17.

It was the wrong door.

Shaun King brought attention to this incident and he is now arrested.

Our own domestic terrorism

Being product of our

Own capture

When those who

Bought us–have no more use for us.

When “Black and” is

Weapon and warning

While the weapon of our

Most current warfare,

Is not of this world nor

The principalities therein.

We are sheep among wolves.

Rabbits outrunning foxes.

Finding our own funds

Making our own guns

To make sure no White Knight

Enters our Black Day

Because we really want to know–

Why is he free,

And I am not?

-JBHarris, 4.18.23

30 Days Of Jaye – Day 11: I’m Feelin Him

A crush can crush you,

so I’m feeling him

I’m feeling him like Christmas morning like when your edges lay just right like

the best shade of red lipstick to get peoples attention

and also to know

that you’ not playing… I’m feelin him

I’m feelin him and

how I watch him walk into a room and hush comes over it

I’m feelin’ him

like I want to get to know him with

all his clothes on first

I’m feelin’ him

like I could know him for ever,

and he already knew me forever

like time got our name on it

Like I’m feelin him

intrigue and inquiry and intelligence coursing all through me as

thoughts of him and I

and him and me

and this thing called us

And together… I’m feeling him

The butterflies in my belly

Find their way to my chest

So my heart remembers it

Can beat.

And with this becomes

a rhythm that my lips

find smile for

and hold to that same

3/4 time

I’m feeling him…


I just might want him to be mine.

-JBHarris, 4.2.2023

To The First Work-Day 8

Love powers my activism. It has to! I believe that the desire for safety, care and equity, come from love.

I believe if love doesn’t power it? No change can come of it.

Or will.

National Poetry Month-2022

This will be the third year of doing this, and I get hype every year for it!

The work this year may be a little different, some published some not. There will also be the bonus of some work on my writer focused TikTok page: @shesgottapen2.5.

30 pieces here. 30 pieces there. Whew!

This year will be more intimate than the proceeding years. So much more has happened in the world, to me, and happening within me as I age.

All work can be found on Amazon by searching me as: Jennifer Bush-Harris and Jennifer P. Harris.

This will be most amazing, and I am here for it.

Here goes everything and Enjoy!

With Love & Ink,