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In The Catch Up…

Feeling like Ida B…

This summer has been an emotional rollercoaster!

I have gotten such highs, and lows, and nights where I cannot believe this is currently my own life! Over the next few days, I get to refocus, publish, post and bring you beloved people up to speed, as I regain strength, stamina, belief…and organization.

There are so many things happening and coming, dearest ones!

And I have missed you all so much!

Here is to the second (or third) round of catching up!

Love, J.

And It Starts…

Oh my!

Family, I must tell you that I know I have to catch things up. Bare with me while I do! There are pieces I scheduled and didn’t complete, poetry I have to post, and things I have to do for sanity and business sake.

The inundating of posted work and think pieces is coming.

Trust me…it’s coming.


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Whew! This book here!

In the year that I have been on TikTok, I have been a part of this social justice, pro-Black, womanism, and anti-racism.

I love it here. Sometimes.

But, it was when I got embroiled in relationship/Pick Me TikTok? Oh, baby! The talk of how bad women are, how we (as women) don’t love men, and how we (as women) need to be more ‘traditional’.

Hmph. Then, I thought of what exactly is a traditional woman. Why? I didn’t know any! From that conversation, came stories like this:

Oh, this is a mild one! Trust!


If anything, stories like this remind me that (1) the idea of a traditional women is steeped in white supremacy and (2) women are completely incredible! There is nothing traditional about women.

From that, came the LOVE OR WAR series on my page. It is 130 stories…and growing! Stories from or about women from all walks of life—told by the children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren of those same women!

As of December 31, this book will be compiled into an ebook available on Kindle!

In doing this, I believe I am honoring their maternal ancestors. Besides, some of these stories are too good not to share.

Book Release: Next Lifetime Things (February 2022)

There is power in starting over! After the ending of my second marriage, I was in a space where my heart was broken, and I didn’t think I’d be a love poet any more.

But this collection of poetry? Totally on accident, really. This collection of poetry is about…starting over. Embracing the new, accepting what it is, and maybe…falling in love again.

Here is a sample. I call this RAINING ON A WEDDING DAY.

They say women like me don’t get married.

Too loud,

Too ambitious

Don’t know how

To just let life happen

To them.

Unworthy of love

Because love has run

From us—

Demanding we ruffle

Or struggle to be worthy

Of it.

Chasing the ring in wedding white

Without a grass stain

Cry stained mascara

And every hair in place.

Since love is perfect

You must be perfect for love.

Yet, the old women say

Rain on a wedding day

Is bad luck.

I don’t need luck, I need it to work.

I need love to be

There before it is

Witnessed by others

In hard pews or

Sweaty chairs.

I need love

Choose me,

Hold me close,

Reminding me that

I am the one to

Be sought after,

Prized and crowned

And belonging

To one that I cannot

Be without.

Sharing, beholden

Only to time.

I do not need luck,

I need my love

To be not be treated

As something casual

To be lost with dice—

Be guarded and kept

So neither the love

Nor the vessel

Are lost.

Publishing date: February 12, 2022.

Announcements & Penmanship

I have kept a secret from you all.

If you have followed this space for some time, you know that there was another writer on this platform:  Janelle Lynwood. Well, I need to tell you something.

Janelle is me. I am Janelle.

With that said, there are still more stories I tell as her, and that I still will tell! If you want to play with my alter ego, see her here. Enjoy.

Cultural Conversation Overview (June 2020)

Of course I would use Princess Shuri of Wakanda as my Patron Saint for this series!

Part of the job as a writer is to record the world around me. My job is to write down what I see, and what people may be afraid to say. There is nothing which should be off limits to my gaze, talent or input.

That’s not me being cocky. That’s me being a writer. That’s me realizing my words matter, and giving voice to things I believe are concerning. I am a writer whom is at the intersection of Black and woman. I move through the world differently! I move through the world both seen and unseen–all while keeping my pulse on those communities.

From that awareness, there is a miniseries that will start in June 2020! This miniseries will focus on some things that I have either read about, experienced personally, or have grown up with which I think I now have strength and time to discuss. What sparked this conversation was Black Panther.

How, you ask?

The talk–the Cultural Conversation as it were–was the WHITE dude saved Wakanda. When I watched Black Panther, I didn’t see it that way. I saw the true savior of Wakanda was Princess Shuri. From that boldness, I am ready for June 2020.

And should be too–you won’t have a whole lot of time to get ready. I promise you that.

May 2020 Is For Lil Boosie!

There is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love hip-hop. I do! And my favorite song to be amped to (aside from Swagga Like Us off T.I.’s Paper Trail), Wipe Me Down, by Lil Boosie! I promise that it is! I don’t know what about it makes me so happy, and wishing for my 20’s again, but it does!

With that reflection is mind, I had an idea for my miniseries for the month of May:

The title ‘Thinking I’m Grown’ is what I was told when I was growing up, especially after I started to express myself through what I wore or how I wanted to wear my hair. I cannot tell you how many times I heard “Oh, you think you grown?” I had no idea what that mean–and truly, looking age 40 in the face, I still don’t necessarily know! But, I’m about to take a stab at it.

This series starts Saturday, May 3rd. Like the miniseries in the past, there will be one post every Saturday until the cessation of the series on Saturday, May 31. Here are the topics:

May 3: Think I’m Grown: Shoulders (How I Stand)

May 10: Think I’m Grown: Chest (My Body And How I Accept It)

May 17: Think I’m Grown: Pants (Fashion and Style)

May 24: Think I’m Grown: Shoes (How I Move In The World)

May 31: Think I’m Grown: Wipe Me Down (Self-Acceptance)

See what I did there? You’re a smart cookie, I know you did. Make sure you follow this space. There is more, so much more to come.