30 Days Of Jaye – Day 30: #35

This piece will be in the work VENGEANCE IS THE BODY (June 2023).

Where do you want it?”

He said watching

The portion of my sepia skin

Unveiled in the mirror

Freed from the cotton prison

Of shirt


I whisper

Heat inside of fingers

That trace above the

Collarbone that Lauryn Hill

said kisses go above.

Smile matching his own

As sepia skin tingles under

Gloved hands the color

Of kings eyeing

The final resting place

Of him who loved me

Saw me

And could find me

Wherever I was.

It is fitting

Blood and ink mingle

To make this love immortal.

There should be no negative space

The lettering should be done

So it is seen by whom

It needs to be seen by

Memorialized what we are

And shall always be

Young, gifted and Black.

The buzz and shock of

Skin gripped tight under

His hands

As skin breaks to

Receive desire—

Overriding pain

That causes my eyes

To close

Pulsing under his hand

Body easily drinking in

Pain and pleasure

Making all things

New and his

His words etched

Deeper as the

Ink and blood

I just want to hear you say it baby.

Fuck yeah you mine.

So say it.

In the middle of the ocean

Of sepia skin

cherries pop in between

Letters that I will

Take with me everywhere

Pieces of him and me,

Me and him

Taking memory and body

To back where memory began.





Then the pain stops.

“How you feel?”

He wipes wetness away

Admiring the work

Of his hands

And his hands on me

Giving me back

What only memory

Can preserve.

Time and love converge

With ink into

Sealed to the

this clay vessel

Who houses fire

within her.

Let the fire remain.

And let a piece

Of that fire

be his name.

-JBHarris, 3.2023