30 Days Of Jaye – Day 29: When Queens walk down the street when the sun is out

He tells me “Hey, Queen!”

as I walk across the street,

bag in hand

Big sunglasses on

melanin Poppin

he looks at me

as if I’m supposed to

acknowledge him

that he noticed

the divinity right

in front of him!

The regal form

dressed in the color

of honey mahogany

in a pair of bad heels —

they make me feel

as if I indeed can

conquer every space.

he looks at me—

and I look at him.

then he says,

“well fuck you then bitch!”


I turn.

I look at him,

Feeling my eyeballs become heat rays

as a beam into his chest,

wishing the sizzling

would come from it

some kind of wound

that would open up

and let me see exactly

why he would call me–

something eternal and celestial,

as a monarch–

and then call me a female dog,

when I do not respond

I focus eye heat right

on his chest and

then hearing all

the women of my blood


Images of all queens

killers, sharecropers and

Students, them being

Magical and malicious

running through time

taking me with them.

You ain’t gotta respond, but never forget who you are.

I open my mouth

which houses lions

red lips shapely and deadly

The Immortal-Invincible

Answering with assassin speed

Shots never missing.

I am a queen from

parking lot to penthouse.

I am a queen from Barbershop

to bedroom

to board room.

I am a wholeass queen and wholeass problem.

Then, I go to my car,

and slam my door.

breathe deep-

heavy exhaling

so that my crown

can sit on top

of my head

where it always

needs to be.

I don’t leave my throne for peasants.

-JBHarris, 2.2021