30 Days Of Jaye – Day 18: Today I Am Gunpowder

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Being Black in Corporate is hard. -JBH

Today I am gun powder

Dry hot volatile.

Not for the scary neither am I for the amateur.

Today I am gunpowder

ready, quiet, and steady.

Today I am gunpowder–

loaded and full of heat

to the point that my feet are hot

when I walk on every piece of ground

fortunate of my reign

of my frame houses

Today I sit at my desk

wondering is today

the day I realize

my own power

and use that–

launch out of here

until I get to

where I’m supposed

to be at!

Today I am gunpowder…

Let the rebellion of

my ancestors with

a rifle in hand

ready and willing

and able to die for

such freedom

so that my children

will never know

the lack

Or wait

Or doubt

of what it is to be


Today I am gunpowder.

let my own pride be

the fuse–

refusing to bow

refusing to be shaken

and destructive

and all the tries to box me in.

-JBHarris, 7.12.2021