To The First Work-Day 19

I haven’t turned my back on love. I don’t think that I know how. There is a part of me which is cautious and reckless when it comes to love. I am at the age where I am confident of what I want, who I am, and the caliber of relationship I want. Yet, I am still reckless enough to give into the abandon that new love brings.

I don’t think that is me being jaded –I’m a love poet. I don’t think that I have the right to be. Yet, what I do have is the realization love is still really…and can still be mine too.

I deserve a love that will be healthly.

That will not demand I break when you will never bend.

I deserve a love big enough to hold me up, keep me close, and causes me to remember how deep it goes.

Indeed, I am not built for the shallow–the forever love, wherever he is, cannot be built for the shallow either.