SOCIAL MEDIA LYNCHING (Part 4): “You Can’t Rid Of Me, B!T@#!”

Abbreviations: CC (content creators)

As of this posting, I have 169,300+ followers on my main account.

And about 2000 between 3 backup accounts. I am on this app out of spite at this point.

Pure. Spite.

As I spoke about before, Black CC’s whom speak out about social justice, or any type of -ism (especially racism or sexism!) you will find out how racist the algorithm is! And once you have discovered that red pill-powered reality, had an account mass-reported, you realize how crucial a backup page is.

For that cause, I decided to stay right where I am. It’s a protest of sorts, I suppose! James Baldwin said that Black people need witnesses in the world that thinks everything (and everyone) is White.

I’m an AUNTIE in these streets now!

I can’t leave the nieces and nephews just out here! Nall! Only Jesus has followers–I have family (adopted brothers, sisters, LOADS of cousins, nephews & nieces) and Jayebirds.


Get put out?

Nall. Y’all leave first,