SOCIAL MEDIA LYNCHING (Part 3): “Can You See Me?”

The TikTok app is known to be racist. It is proven to be that, and what the app cannot erase, suppress, or block–it will ban. The cool kids call this shadowbanning.

Social Media Lynching includes suppression of content, shadow-banning (where you cannot interact with content and yours may not be visible), to frequent bans (being unable to post on your account).

Shadowbanning includes content suppression and often runs ahead of frequent bans! There are videos that are made which will ask those that are watching to interact–literally asking, “Can you see me?”

Erasure is not uncommon to Black people, it’s a step-parent of racism! Yet, it is still obnoxious. The function of racism is to hinder, control, stifle and kill. With this being the lifesblood of racism, and people whom alert to it must be identified…enter shadowbanning.

This is practice of erasing Black people is not new. This is just the most visible (and vicious) form of erasure! The superpower of TikTok is how immediate interactions are! How quickly networks are built, and experiences validated.

As a Black person, as a Black woman, visibility, validation and empathy are crucial! Having my experience believed, strengthens me to continue to share experiences in a way which will fight racism.

Rather than the algorithm cosigning truth from non-White people, it shuns us! Bad Negroes must be dealt with accordingly.

But we’re making this all up, right?