A Poet Is A Prophet Is A Poet

It is our job to take rage and give hope.

The job a prophet is tell the truth in love. There is a prophet in every poet and a poet, in every prophet.

Truth must be revealed no matter what is going on.

Hope must be given, despite the grief and circumstances!

I believe more poets are like Jeremiah: knowing the truth and no one‘s going to believe until all of law be fulfilled.

For the prophet, poetry is the vehicle we deliver truth, love, and fire.

There must be something we leave, we retain, that we reckon to remember—poets are the guardians of conscience, culture and circumstances. At the fall of the human will, when the soul is in despair—there we will be amongst the wreckage and rubble of suffering.

You must leave hope and do your work. Trust and believe it is worth it! To leave hope in the—world is to pick are the lock on Pandora’s box through the intention of all things.

At all times and all in all places and spaces.

We still must be able to leave hope.

-JBHarris, October 2022