NEW WORK: These Days Of Night-Draft Peeks (October 2022)

Note: I was able to get though 25/50 nights (Gotta save some for the book), but enjoy!

I know we are about 4 months from Halloween, but as the benevolent being I am, I wanted to announce this work soon to come starting September 12, 2022!

As a horror fan who desires more representation of the melaninated, this project will be a set of 50 short stories—one story per night for 50 nights. The 50th night ending on Halloween—as my writer girlfriend Tonia says is Goth Christmas. In all earnest, I finished 25/50 nights. But I am hype about this project, and want to share.

For this project there will be vampires, Reapers, werewolves, witches and all matter of other mischief of my own making.

I will give you this teaser—you will need to follow every night, otherwise you will be lost! Remember, I wanted you.

I am excited to bring this work to you, I am so proud of it, and I believe you all will love it too!

Watch this space for more of this burgeoning universe!