The Burden Of The Pen: “I Don’t Know What to Say…”

Writers are people.

We have emotions, thoughts, biases, hangups and issues. Sometimes the hardest thing—especially now!—as the world is spinning towards the sun that we don’t know what to say.

Or what to write.

Being known as a writer (especially in the social media age) is the expectation that we will always have something to say.


And…we don’t. Not always.

What I have learned is always having something to say is not the flex you think! Sometimes the best thing is so listen more than you write, and be willing to be silent before you write as well.

It is a balance, and you won’t always get it right—and that’s okay too! Yet, be willing to be quiet, be willing ‘not to know’, learn more before assuming you know everything.

It’s easier (and quicker!) to reflect and process before you write, than printing/posting an apology.