30 DAYS OF JAYE-DAY 28: When Zhane Sang Sending My Love

1990s R&B will

have you thinking

Anyone would love

To be chosen by you

it would have you

thinking that every man

that has lost you

is somewhere with

a pen and a paper

crying as he

remembers your face

the curve of your back

and even your ankles

on his shoulders–

and would have you

believe that when

you go to new relationships

that the capacity to love–

for him to love you

it’s always gonna be equal

if even to the point

he may love you

a little bit more–

but now comes the conflict

the crescendo in the piece

for all the love that

you have on the inside

of you

can you trust

to implant it on the inside of him?

have it grow?

there was a wise woman

named Rose who told

her husband Troy that

she had a love in him

that she had planted in him

and it took him 18 years

to realize exactly just how

much she loved him


she knew that

he wasn’t the finest man

but she wanted him

as her husband

to be in his heart

the heart in her beat

So much so that

she continued to turn blues

into jazz in order to

plant on the inside of him

in that rocky soil

hope and pray

and water it

With hope expecting

Love to grow and

give back to her

every woman is a garden…

there is this depth

she wants to give to you

and she does not know

if she will not know

unless you open up

in order for her to

implant that love in you

because you think

she’s already open

and receptive to that

our bodies made for reception

at the same time when

that reception is met

with destruction that can

only yield devastation

from the devastation

1990s R&B will tell you

that every man who

has lost you knows

what he lost and knowing

what he lost he will know

that he will never find

you again

Jodeci said come and talk to me

boys to men said I’ll make love to you

Anthony Davis said he would love you forever more

but when you forever don’t

want youR always

then what can you do

-JBHarris, April 2022