30 DAYS OF JAYE-DAY 20: Cape Burning At The End Of The World

I am a Black woman



past present and future

all draped in Black

In the mundane reality

from being one of the 91%

to stop the world

from burning down

to being seen

as the attack dog

of all oppressors–

I often wonder

what would happen

if black women

stopped coming?

If we stop

being the ones

to lay track only

to be hit by the trains.

if we were

to stop being

the gas

To power trucks that

Pass us

The wind which powers

the ships to sail

being the coal that

you burn

in order to get the oil–

what would it

look like for black women


to let the comet hit

to let the bomb blow up

To let Yall bleed out

let the bills Go unpaid

the children be unfed




and dirty–

what would happen

if black women just…stopped?

just quit —

without explanation

to do the thing that

Our slave mothers

and Recent grandmothers

could never do —

quit without apology

or fear of death.

To walk away

from everything

that business which

Never service us

love unreturned

job unrequited

the being underpaid

as well as overlooked

Being the stabilizers

of all things

in the universe

being both black

and woman–

being both seen

and unseen

what would happen

if we just let everything go?

Like the balloons

From tired, cranky

Children at that

Are too tired

From a fair

Too tired to walk any further

what would happen

if we let you all

wish for us

only to hear us

drinking from crystal

Glasses with red lipstick

Our mothers told us

To get grown enough

To wear,

Drinking top shelf liquor

To hear our voices

in the wind

when we say

I told you so

JBHarris, April 2022