30 DAYS OF JAYE-DAY 17-When They Call You A Bitch On The Internet

When they call

You a bitch on the

Internet they always

Do it from screens

With emojis or tactless gifs

They seek to ruin your

Day with a word

Designed to identifying

An unruly fox, dog or a


They seek to occupy

Space in our head you

Cannot afford to rent

And reopen wounds

Under skin tougher

Than under your feet.

These mobs of

Faceless beta males

And even more co-signing

Women complicit in their own

Oppression have no idea

What it means, what it feels

Like to be called a bitch.

A dog.

Less human.

More primal.

More loud.

More controlled.

What the world wants

Is more quiet moment,

More subdued women

The one who will

Smoke and curse when

No one will

See it,

Eat to soothe

heart deep aches

And spend wallet

and body

On what

she cannot afford.

Her voice is a rude

to people who think

she is too loud

to be heard

is to present–

to be respected

in a way too big

for the for the

space that she occupies!

so the way

that you knock her down?

is to call her

The thing which

crawls on four legs.

the thing that scavengers…

rather thing that hunts.

when they call

you a bitch on the Internet

that means that

they have no power over you–

No power to stop you

In your every day life–

so since they

cannot stop you,

they will humble you

and from humbling to

hobbling you …

But in the hobbling

you learn to walk

on your hands

because you cannot

be stopped and

will not be stopped

And your roar is just with they fear

(c) JBHarris, January 2021