30 DAYS OF JAYE-DAY 16- Lie In The Lullaby

This piece will also be included in The Death of Peter Parker & Other Fairy Tales (June 2022).

Lie In The Lullaby

I loved you even

when you lie to my face

I loved you when

I waited for dawns-

the mornings that never came

I lied when

I told you I slept well without you

I lied when I told you that I never loved you

Drinking vinegar as honey

knowing that the hands

I craved wrapped around and under my body

Would no longer want me

Longing for the impostor

who could never be me

Betrayal most perfect–

Having her body

With my face.

Such dark tricks

are the favorite of demons

I looked for the water in the rock

because you were the God of my body

Lord of my flesh

I willed any other diety from me

because I wanted all space

to belong to you

I was all yours.

and disciple

and wife

and lover–

mother of the world

that we were creating

Unlike the God of my soul

Whose Son walked

on water for me

will leave the 99 for me

you were the one who ate the sheep.

-JBHarris, 2021