30 DAYS OF JAYE-DAY 10: All Whom Wander

Note: This work will also be included in The Death of Peter Parker & Other Fairy Tales. -JBH

He says that he will offer me himself hole in pristine this affection long lasting and deep to still be mine to slap upon when ever I need him. I needed him in the ways that I pleaded for him to be all of me and all of him and all of us in this thing called together between the waiting in the waiting in the world and the last with us this skitter of time in space and place converging over and over over the course of decades willing one of us to either let go or make a decision to stay and I stayed I stayed and I prayed and I gave and gave over and gave into until I was under underwater that was fueled by my own tears wishing that he would see me underneath the waves of my own agony bending and rebuilding and becoming what he whispered I could be to him… Perfect. Perfect and beautiful and sexy and his and open and spread and and and and he said that when sleeping beauty first woke up she blink their eyes because she could not believe she was awake and not dead. But they don’t tell you is that while she was sleeping the world was much more quiet and there was none to bother her.

JBHarris, Feb 2022