A family member dislike?

That feels complex.

My family dynamic is tenuous at best. I don’t speak to my paternal family, and my maternal family is scattered. But the only person I can say that I don’t like, is already dead. And I am happy that he is. My cousin Nathaniel has been dead almost 20 years–and that feels weird to say! He and I were 10 months apart, and close as brother and sister–until we weren’t.

I disliked him because he slammed my right hand in a door on purpose. He was mean to me for no reason! He was mean to my brother! He was a general nuisance in my life when I was old enough to see that he just decided he would be a bum forever.

At age 40, I can say that I don’t like him…and the reason stemming from this is because he abandoned me for his friends. That I suddenly wasn’t good enough, and for the want of trying to become what I knew I would…he seemed to hate me for that.

And when he died I as devastated and angry! He left me when he promised he wouldn’t. He was liar…but I hope he is resting at last. I loved him enough to wish him rest.