I have lived through records, Walkmans, cassette and CD’s. The best thing that I have happened to me is music streaming. The first three songs in my shuffle are:

1.) GUNS GO BANG by Kid Cudi & Jay-Z (from the HARDER THEY FALL movie). I love this song! It reminds of my Dad, and his ability to tell a story. I love this song!

2.) UPROAR by Lil Wayne. This song was on my commute playlist to get to work. This brings back memories of speeding to work to keep from being late or to speed to get home to crash out. This is my “Hurry up and get there, Black girl!”

3.) THE BLACK BOND by Nas. I adore this man. I always have! He is the only rapper I have ever heard that gave a chick goosebumps. Still. He’s the husband in my head. Still.