So….I Am Doing A Thing. Again.

For those of you whom are following me on TikTok (especially @whatjayesaid/jayesaidwhat) will know that I was been toying with the idea of starting a Patreon again. This time, I am creating a Patreon solely for anti-racism essays and think pieces.

Oh, yes, this is happening!

There will be between 4-5 essays posted a month with the following tiers:

TIER: $3 (Firestarter: Light, Heat & Smoke)

Access to Reading List; essays included

TIER 2: $6 (Nikki Giovanni)

Access to Reading List; Early essays

TIER 3: $10 (Toni Morrison)

Access to Reading List; Access to Behind The Scenes footage; Early essays

The official launch date for this Patreon is going to be July 30, 2021. This will give me enough time to organize all I need to in order to launch this effectively. In the meantime, follow @jayesaidwhat on TikTok. For what I am about to say, for the conversations that need to be had, they will ban my account.

I’m not afraid of that, but I am aware.

Thank you for all your love and support!