HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE: Reflections At 40 (Part 1)

This lip made me feel unstoppable.

At this point, I can say my 30’s have taught me a lot. I know how flip bills, drive in snow and how to always keep deodorant in my purse. On this day, the farewell of my 30’s, I am unsure if I can say that I am grown. I’m still not sure what that means or what it looks like! But yet, I am.

I’m a grown woman—with teenagers, rent and a car payment. In five years, I’ll have a 19-year-old and a 17-year-old. I’m accepting that I’m a divorcée—and own my part in the ending of both marriages.


My thoughts going into my fourth decade of life, in this fortieth trip around the sun, I am thrilled. And…settled. I am more me than I thought I was.

I am no longer shrinking.

No longer whispering.

I am no longer concerned with people who don’t matter to me.

This birthday is a milestone because I have made milestones out of those, made bridges over waters I didn’t always trouble. Yet, I’m not afraid to cause trouble.

I got my own bail money now!