The End Of An Era & The Brilliance of Ryan Murphy

The Category is: Trans Representation — “Pose” Review | by Micah Glidewell  | incluvie | Medium

First: Billy Porter is everything! Now, with that said, let me get to a proper reflection.

I loved POSE from the first episode of Season 1, Episode 1 when the Mary Jane Girls were singing IN MY HOUSE. I got into the show after Funky Dineva’s review of the show on his YouTube Channel. I loved it! I loved it! I don’t know what I am going to do on my Sundays with this being gone! But, perhaps, I am getting ahead of myself.

One of the things that I loved about POSE was the unapologetic nature of the show! How good the storytelling is! And how bomb Elektra is! I am fan of this show and a fan of Ryan Murphy because POSE is the continuation of what PARIS IS BURNING truly was! There are no caricatures in this show! There is nothing forced in this show, a cis-het woman, it has forced me to confront any biases I have, see exactly the world that transwomen have been going through since FOREVER, and realize that the way I felt when Candy was murdered by a trick when she was only trying to take care of her House? The way I cried with that? This is how transwomen feel when another transwoman they know is murdered for just being themselves!

Shows like POSE are needed because representation matter! Ryan Murphy with the help of Janet Mock and Jennie Livingston, and the other excellent staff kicked in the door of FX! They were just what the world needed right now, and for three seasons, he GAVE all of that to us–every ounce!

I cannot wait to see what he does next! I cannot CANNOT wait!

Stanning Moments (in no particular order):

Besides, nothing will be as good as Damon reading Pray at the table when he found out him and Ricky were smashing! Whew, chile!

When Stan got Angel that condo and put him out of it when she was mad!

When Elektra and her House broke into that museum and took all the clothes!

When Papi and Angel first got together.

When Elektra and all the girls went to the rich man’s house for a weekend and he just wanted to be in latex in a garage.


When Damon got into Dance school and joined Bianca’s House.

When Candy was haunting people, and the moment when her Dad and Mom.

When Elektra killed that man on accident at her job and went to get Candy at her job to help her.

For more, watch the show yourself. You won’t regret it.

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