Thoughts From A Marvel Girl…

*Note: These are only my opinions. Powered by the love of these ink and paper people—and my love of a good story.

I know that the world is in complete awe of the Justice League and the brilliance of Zack Snyder. Even at the time of this posting, the overlords of DC Comics have decided that they have no interest in developing a Snyder-influenced DCEU.

This is why DC will never be as good a MARVEL.

Period. Full stop. *Here is why.

Aside from DC’s most powerful character having roots in a Nitzche ideology, the character development you see in MARVEL COMICS is not seen here. The most developed character is still Batman—and what a dope character he is! Yet, what other character has more development?

Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

Even with the success of Wonder Woman, unless you are a student of the source material and history, you would know two things:

One. Wonder Woman is also Black. Her name? Nubia. When will she be introduced? Don’t worry. I’m still waiting.

Two. The Amazons as a culture are not real, but there were fierce female warriors all over antiquity. As dope as this is, it only points to the casual erasure of women all over the world!

The affinity I have to and towards MARVEL is based in storytelling. I have always loved the storytelling! I loved the development, the continuing of story—I was invested (moreso!) after seeing characters that looked like me. Or felt as I did! Black. Awkward. Outsiders, even! I mean I cannot tell you how my ex boyfriend Dominic called me, Rogue—and himself, Gambit. And when a young man I was in love with nicknamed me MJ (after I nicknamed him Peter Parker!)? It was over.

What I wish the DCEU would realize is that character development matters! Affinity to characters matter! Representation still matters (shouts to the great job they did on Cyborg!)? You can’t compete without good story! It’s it’s not possible! You can’t just make ALL the Batman movies, man! It’s not possible (or desirable!).

Character development still matters. Storyboard artists still matter! The fact the DC overlords haven’t gotten that yet, after damn year being a century old? And just now discovering the contribution of Bill Finger (Bob Kane didn’t create all of Batman alone! Did you know that?! Thanks Hulu and Hollywood Graveyard on YouTube!)?

The writer, Kevin Smith, said comics are our modern day mythology. And I agree! The fact this industry has lasted this long is monumental! There are generations who have bonded over the lives of these ink and paper people—whether they are born of DC or MARVEL. Story still matters! Engagement of the audience still matters! Even reimagining of characters matters.

DC has the potential to do so much better. But will they? I’ll wait.