February Theme & Mini-Series

I have often referred to myself as an ‘eternal Juliet.’

With that notion, this is the first time in about a decade that I am a single woman. I’m not necessarily mad or sad about this–but, it is definitely…odd. I am working on loving me, loving me better and knowing what I want from my own life. In that space of being a single woman learning to be in love with herself, my mind has gone over things I wish I knew, things I ignored and why love matters so much to me. Even why I love so hard when I do.

This month will be reflective and introspective, perhaps more honest than I ever intended to be–but it is necessary to be it. As a woman of faith, I know there is power in sharing what I have struggled with and conquered which will allow you to glean some wisdom. The hope being you gain insight, that you remember you are valued and that you remember that love is real–it exists and is still worth all of it.

I know that ‘it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.‘ But to that, I give this counter.

“Love is messy. It is dirty, consuming and maddening. It is a revelry! It is a power consuming…and crushing. When you find the one you desire to be mad about, make sure they are able to love you with just as much heat and passion. Love is hard, yes. Love is work. But love, real love, is always worth it.”