Introduction To Black History Month 2021

In this stolen land, inhabited by stolen and subjugated people, Black History Month feels like the most cohesive and organized protest to have. It still humbles me that Dr. Carter G. Woodson, historian and teacher, thought enough of is of us whom are alive and remain to leave us history in a land that prides itself on lies and erasure! With that said, Black History still matters. Moreover, how ones teaches Black history still matters! Lastly, why we teach Black history still matters!

For the month of February, I will be explaining and discussing why Black history is important from the vantage point of The Four E’s of why Black History still matters and matters how it should be taught:

February 6: Erasure

February 13: Education

February 20: Elevation

February 27: Excellence

Black history is still being made on a daily basis, and it would be disingenuous to not celebrate that, and not teach that. History is written by the winners, and their memories are valid. But if we are unaware of all those who contributed to that history how can we know what is or is not real? Losers sound like winners if the lie is good enough. Accurate teaching of history separates the lie the covers and the truth that separates.