Podcasts To Listen To: 1619

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I have followed Nikole Hannah-Jones (@nhannahjones) on Twitter for a few years now. I mean, she has my dream job: writing for the New York Times. With being a fangirl of hers, I both followed and devoured everything she is involved in. With last year marking the official 400 year macabre anniversary of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. I had heard the rumblings of this project only denoted as ‘1619′ through her social media.

This was all I needed, fam.

With this announcement, I followed her more closely, read all articles connected with it and began to be be overjoyed at the prospect of this project becoming an actual curriculum! How fantastic! Black history taught–truly taught!–without hype or gloss? I’m here for it. So when I found the accompanying podcast on Apple Podcasts? I listened to all five episodes over the course of three days!

1619 podcast tells truth of slavery
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I won’t lie to you–it was hard! And because it was hard, I couldn’t help but think how necessary it was to be a part of this project–even to just hear it. The five episodes are as follows:

Introducing ‘1619’

Episode 1: The Fight For A True Democracy

Episode 2: The Economy That Slavery Built

Episode 3: The Birth Of American Music

Episode 4: How The Bad Blood Started

Episode 5: The Land Of Our Fathers, Part 1

Episode 5: The Land Of Our Fathers, Part 2

You will laugh, be taught, be angry—then mad as Hell. Perhaps that is the best thing and the representation of my favorite quote by Gloria Steinem: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”