Dear Megan…

Megan Thee Stallion Is Getting Dragged On Social Media Over Her GPA

Dear Megan:

I am so proud of you, owning all that you are, and not letting a male-dominated industry define who you are, what you should do, and what you need to become. As one that grew up listening to Monie Love, Yo-Yo, Queen Latifah and Lil’ Kim, I am delighted that you make beta males feel some type of way.


What I want you to know is you deserve better that how the world is treating you. It is irritating to see how easily rumors about you can be and are spread–and believed! Keep shining ma’am. And own every part of your WAP, do you hear me? On all parts of it.

Make no mistake, for every piece of ground you are walking on, for every door you walk into, know that you belong there! Now that its by your whit and hustle that you got to where you are, and let no one tell you different.

FUCK EM UP SIS! And do these on two occasions: frequently and often.

I want you to have the presence that Queen Latifah still does.

I want you to spit with the same confidence Foxxy, Lil Kim and Eve had.

Climb. Shine. Repeat.

I want you to–most importantly–remember what it is you bring to any situation, eat and any table–even if to have turn it over yourself.

See, what these 39 years of life have taught me to things in multiple instances:

1.) The world hates bold women.

2.) The world doesn’t know what to do with bold women.

Move in the world, Meg. And if they can’t hang? Move ’em out your world.

Always, Jaye