30 Days Of Jaye: Cama De Rosas (Bed Of Roses)

This piece is in the collection of Love Songs Of The Unrequited. Click here to find your copy. -JBHarris

Find me here

clean,  soft and sweet

embrace and caress

all that you see

I lay before you open

humble and accepting

brush away the colored petals

and reveal warm flesh

supple and delicate

taste if you wish

uncover what I have

kept warm in anticipation

of what is true and pure

that I have found in you

I lie here a sacrifice of

will and a testament to

patience of want

remove petals that guard eyes,

their lids, nose and lips,

allow the sun to bathe me

cup the face that sleeps soundly,

study me

see that I have not let

those that were unworthy to touch

taste, embrace me

smooth back the hair that falls

in my face, over the ears,

see petals fall from the strands

watch me awaken in

your arms, needy and wanting

happy that you have found me

that you have me

that you have wanted only me

kiss coated coaxing drawing me

nearer to you and you into me

keep this moment as I will

I wish not for what

was or isn’t nor do I

pretend to neither grasp for what

is not there

take me as I am

and forget me not,

keep me in the quiet of

dream and embrace me

as dawn arises while the

twilight leaves

delve, swim, drown in

my depths for you and

you allow know its fathoms…

Give all of you to me

Jennifer-Phylon Bush (now Harris) August 4, 2004