When The Pretty Panties Don’t Work

I have a Southern Belle as a Mama. She will never truly call herself that, but if pressed, and if in another life, she would have been a debutant. It was her that told me two things that helped shaped my womanhood.

One:  “A woman can never have enough towels.”

Two:  “A lady can never have enough pairs of underwear or bras.”

What she didn’t tell me was the shift that would happen in my underwear drawer after I had children! Sure, I am a fan of pretty panties and lacy underthings for my lady parts. But what she didn’t tell me what my underwear drawer would be invaded by this older woman–that wasn’t me.

I have been a fan of fashion, and know good and well what a good pair of undergarments can do and give to an outfit. The funny thing is how now when I look in my drawer, or when I put my laundry away, I have to giggle. There are more sensible undies than the racy stuff! It’s almost as if the girl that wore the less sensible stuff never existed. Which is the most hilarious part!

Being a Mom, being firm in my womanhood, has taught me a lot. The most glaring thing it has taught me is that cotton is much warmer than lace in a Midwest Winter. I have learned that the pretty lacy stuff is more for me than for my spouse. I’ve found out that what makes the undies sexy is the woman in them!

I have learned that confidence is better than lace anyday–but lace always helps.