Thirty Days of Fire: Day 12- Two Word/Phrase That Make You Laugh

I am a fan of words. As a writer I have to be! When I was a girl, my aunt, Linda, instilled in me if I didn’t know a word to look it up. And I still do that! Thanks to the Dictionary App, I get to learn a Word Of The Day everyday! Do you know me how cool that is?

As a writer, that is one of the ways you expand your most valuable asset: your vocabulary.

From all of my reading, the one phrase that I still makes me laugh, was actually found in a documentary about England’s mortal-immortal monarch: Queen Elizabeth I.

When confronting Mary Queen of Scots about the death of her husband and King (and her crazy behavior following her first husband’s murder), Elizabeth I uses this phrase:

nortorious lacks


I laughed because this phrase was used in a royal letter, presumably with her royal seal! This phrase was used to tell another anointed queen that her royal slip was showing!

Queen Elizabeth I whose entire reign was alone and childless, read her! She told her fellow queen, Mary Queen of Scots, that because she married the man whom may have killed her husband, and her thotish behavior tore her realm apart, used this phrase to demonstrate how stupid she was! Every time I heard it, I screamed laughing!

Notorious lacks is a phrase I now use to describe people whom act in similar reckless fashion, with similarly reckless people! Of all the words and word phrases I know, this is the best one.


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